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Childhood Diabetes Research Institute (CDRI) is a non-profit, international organization incorporated in the State of Arizona.  CDRI (dba Diabetes Health & Research Institute) is an organization that provides information to the general public concerning childhood diabetes, degenerative diseases, and research about therapies, which have proven healing qualities.  CDRI also provides program support, medical equipment and supplies, and educational materials to other organizations, hospitals, and clinics.

The mission of the Diabetes Health & Research Institute is to support research programs, clinics, and hospitals that teach the public and provide therapies, medical equipment and supplies used in treatment of childhood diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

Our Mission

We can provide ongoing funding for research and programs that promote and utilize advanced and innovative therapies in the treatment of childhood diseases.  We can increase our position of supplying much needed equipment, medical supplies, medicines, and emergency food aid to hospitals and clinics both in the United States and Internationally. These supplies often mean the difference between life and death for children unable to provide for themselves.

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P.O. Box 39734
Phoenix, AZ 85069
800-511-7032 (Phone)
623-776-1327 (Fax)

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