A message from the President
The vision is clear, the mission is before us:  Every child has the right to live a normal life.  They have a right to be free from the bondage of hunger, disease, and the ravages of an unsafe environment.  Together, we can make their miracle happen.  The past year was one marked by continued growth and utilizing our resources to maximize the impact of providing assistance , medical care and supplies, and continued research in hope of finding the cures and treatments for the diseases that would deprive our children of a normal and productive life.

Childhood Diabetes Research Institute is driven by the challenges of providing medical aid and support, not only to children with diabetes, but also other degenerative diseases.  Working with support groups is a vital part of their treatment and rehabilitation.  Our efforts will continue to be directed at helping make these support groups available. In addition, our efforts will be focused on working to provide educational materials, which promote a nutritional diet as the foundation of a healthier lifestyle, for both the patient and their family.

We are challenged to continue to provide in a cost effective way the vital educational materials about nutrition and therapies for childhood diabetes and other degenerative diseases. Grants for research and acquiring and placing much needed medical equipment and supplies in clinics and hospitals that provide ongoing treatment will continue to be the foundation of our programs. As a result, the clinics and hospitals will be able to provide a much more cost-effective program for the patients with diabetes and other diseases and their families. In addition, research programs will continue to be advanced in the fight against childhood diabetes. We remain dedicated, focused, and concentrated on the goal of effectively providing the most advanced treatments to the thousands of children who need it the most—the victims of childhood disease.

Together, we can turn all their hopes and dreams into realities.  Together, we can make their miracle happen.

We are grateful, and appreciate your generosity.   Thank you for your continued support.

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