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Our organization looks forward to the many new opportunities of educating and providing the resources that will be demanded by the many hospitals, clinics, and individuals that have, and work with childhood diseases.  We have positioned our organization to increase our network with other medical and relief non-profit organizations to increase the awareness of advanced therapies for the treatment of all types of diseases, and the need of combating malnutrition.

The opportunities for helping individuals, especially the children, with a childhood disease are many, however the resources are limited.  It will become essential to build a strong network of dedicated, caring organizations to provide the hope for the victims of all childhood diseases.  Emergency information continues to be provided to victims of disease and their families; so that they might make an informed decision on how and where to treat their disease.   Ongoing emotional, educational, and spiritual support to victims of disease whenever possible.  

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P.O. Box 39734
Phoenix, AZ 85069
800-511-7032 (Phone)
623-776-1327 (Fax)

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